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Catch Basin Services using Hydrovac in Alberta

Alberta Hydrovac provides a variety of catch basin services in Alberta. We serve a variety of clients including municipalities and utility companies. Catch basin systems are the backbone of a functioning municipality and its wastewater management. A number of issues can impede the function of these systems including trash, hazardous materials, deposit build ups and certain organic materials. Hydrovac techniques use high pressure water to effectively remediate and restoration of catch basin systems.

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What are the Advantages?

Alberta Hydrovac has experience in catch basins, culvert and manhole cleaning in Alberta. There are a number of advantages and benefits.

Cleaning catch basins, culverts and manholes entails the need for efficient and effective removal. Alberta Hydrovac uses high pressure water to displace and remove stubborn deposits in storm lines and catch basins in Alberta. This high velocity water pressure ensures accuracy and faster techniques when excavating. Techniques including equipment able to reach difficult and tight spaces.

By using water, we reduce the chance of electrocution and discharge of electricity thereby increasing safety for workers. Hydrovacing also becomes more efficient by not only displacing contaminates but also effectively removing it from the site.

The surrounding environment often plays a large role in excavation. Using Hydrovac, warmer, even hot, water can be used to effectively thaw frozen water lines and reach areas where the ground is frozen in colder climates.

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