Pile Holes

Pile Holes Using Hydro Digging

Alberta Hydrovac has extensive experience in digging pile holes for various commercial construction industrial applications, using hydrovac in Northern and Southern Alberta. Pile holes can be a variety of sizes specific to the needs of the client. Specific applications can include the following: Removal of old poles, Creation of holes for posts, signs, poles and utility needs Spread, end-bearing and friction pile holes Installation monitoring

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Advantages of Digging Pile Holes
with Water Excavation

Digging pile holes with a hydrovac truck system provides an efficient means to complete any project. This technique of excavation allows excavation of soil that is frozen, therefore providing a formidable solution in climates were cold temperatures do not permit traditional digging methods.

Hydrovacing pile holes allows for accuracy when removing dirt and creating a the perfect hole. It also allows for minimal back filling compared to the traditional methods of digging once the dirt is excavated. Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with whatever project you may have

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