Daylighting/Line Locating

What is Daylighting and Line Locating?

Daylighting refers to the exposure and uncovering of underground utilities using hydrovac excavation techniques. Pipelines, wires and other sensitive utilities may need to be exposed and located prior to conventional excavation; daylighting provides this option. It increases Hydrovac Services productivity of workers and safety by allowing clear viewing and working access to the utilities.

Daylighting in particular works well for the exposure of utilities in delicate areas where there may be utility line congestion. This nondestructive method of exposing utilities and other lines greatly reduces the chance of rupturing underground pipes compared to hand digging. Daylighting is just one of the many services we offer at Alberta Hydrovac, using hydrovac in Alberta.

With the use of hydrovac, this is a nondestructive process and greatly reduces the chance of bursting underground pipelines compared to hand or mechanical digging.

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Advantages of Hydrovac Daylighting

Daylighting, the practice of digging to locate and expose underground utilities. By using the onboard burner, our units are capable of creating water at an adjustable temperature allowing our equipment to efficiently work on frozen soil, making it suitable for year-round work. By using this technology, it enables the crew to drastically decrease the chance of damaging utilities. As a result, project costs go down and safety levels for the job increases.

Whether it is a trench or steam cleaning pipes, our experts have a rich experience with our equipment. Our hydrovac trucks have many unique features and innovative technology to provide you with the best experience to reach high performance levels.

Like any project, there are instances where access, along with room to move around on-site is limited. Complications with limited access can increase costs and cause delays. Alberta Hydrovac carries remote hose with all of its hydrovac trucks in Alberta to reach these areas. Not only this, Hydrovac trucks can be used in all types of digging conditions involving thick clay, rocky soils and frozen ground.

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