Contaminated Soil Removal

Contaminated Soil, Fuel Spills, and Hazardous Waste

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Contaminated soil, fuel spills and hazardous waste can pose a large problem, not only for the landowner but also for the environment. Alberta Hydrovac can provide environmental solutions for remediation using hydrovac excavation techniques for all your needs relating to hydrovac in Alberta. Municipalities and various industries like oil and gas rely on these techniques to remove contaminated soil, given the effectiveness. Alberta Hydrovac offers the latest in technology and trained staff to complete any project you might have in a safe and timely fashion, using the latest hydrovac in Alberta.

Our vacuum or vac trucks are equipped with pressurized water and a powerful vacuum suction hose to gently remove the soil and safety store it. Furthermore, using pressurized water prevents debris and contaminants from becoming airborne; conventional digging poses this risk. Factors that may affect any particular job include how large the contaminated area is, soil features, site remoteness and existing buildings. Alberta Hydrovac can also handle and clean any fuel spills from well sites, roads and tank sites using hydrovac in Alberta. Give us a call and we would be happy to help with any questions or inquires you might have.

How Hydrovac in Alberta Can Help:

Alberta Hydrovac can provide environmental solutions for remediation using 2, 2020 Kenworth T880’s with Rebel Vac Systems Rig ups, to perform hydrovac in Alberta.  In addition to typical non-code (clean) hydrovac work, these units are specifically designed for handling Hazardous Materials.  They are capable of cleaning contaminated equipment, excavating contaminated material, transferring a wide variety of fluids, and vary effectively dealing with spill cleanups among other applications.  Alberta Hydrovac has a current LT license that covers all the contaminates we would expect to encounter when doing hydrovac in Alberta. Under our license, these are the products we are permitted to transport in these units:

  • Antifreeze
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Corrosive, Flammable liquids
  • Paint
  • PCB’s
  • Petroleum Products
  • Solvents

These units are very versatile and have many features other vac trucks do not.  Other than their ability of vacuuming on material/fluid & unloading either via gravity feeding and or pressuring off, they are set up with chemical injection which can be used with hot water/steam from the on-board boilers if needed for a variety of cleaning, spill cleanup operations.

They are also able to transfer fluid either with the Vac system, offloading into other tanks/trucks/bins with or without head pressure to overcome, as well as the on-board 2” Viking pump for transferring fluid onsite if ever needed (Independent of the vac system).  These styles of combo vac/hydrovac trucks were developed in the upstream Oil and Gas industry and are set up for a wide variety of applications.  Give us a call and we would be happy to help with any questions or inquires you might have.

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